2-Star Hotels in Secunderabad

There is an old saying in Sanskrit that goes “Athidhi Devo Bhava.” This means that the guest is equal to God. Our great culture and history that teaches us this and for the Hospitality industry, this is like the Holy Grail. As a budget hotel in Secunderabad, we believe that this is our motto.

From the day of inception, Lotus Grand has been in a mission to serve its guests. Over the years, we have provided cheap accommodation in Secunderabad with amazing rooms replete with all facilities. However, our hospitality has never been limited only to room service or provision of accommodation.

One might say that budget hotels are budget hotels, but when it comes to the service of guests and their needs we have never turned our backs. Be it specific tastes of food, specific requirements of rooms, wifi, and others, we have always been there for guests.

In many instances, we have gone beyond the line and have provided service that has earned the hearts of our guests. Lotus Grand is a budget hotel near Secunderabad Railway station, and we see guests coming in from various cities and countries. We have more than 101 well appointed rooms and conference halls. We have served guests from various countries to their satisfaction.

There was once an instance when one of our room service executives was the star of our hotel. Budget hotels in Secunderabad are supposed to be accommodation providers with wifi, parking, safe deposit locker, air conditioning, and other facilities. At Lotus Grand on that day, it was something else.

That afternoon, we had a strange guest who walked in slightly disheveled. He was a middle aged man who presented himself at the lobby without any luggage. He was dressed in costly clothing, but it was messed up. He wanted a room for two days and said that the purpose of the visit was personal.

After checking his papers, we found that he was from Hyderabad and he wanted a peaceful sleep for the day. As his identity papers, credit card and the rest of the papers were in order, we gave him a good room. As the gentleman walked into the room, he ordered for a pack of cigarettes, and some snacks. The boy at the room service observed that the gentleman was already having a bottle of alcohol with him and started consuming it as soon as he walked into the room. When the boy went in with a pack of cigarettes, the guest was having a hot conversation with someone on the phone.

Though the guest appeared strange, we didn’t prefer to probe further as we respect the privacy of our guests. Our only concern was that most budget hotels in Secunderabad had a lot of families as guests and we didn’t want a drunken brawl.

We ordered the room boy and the personnel with the security cameras to look out for something suspicious. Nothing happened till late evening. As the clock struck ten, there was some commotion in the room as the guest was cursing loudly over a phone call. Suddenly, there was a scream and a hush. The manager felt that it was high time we did something about this. We opened the room forcefully and found that the guest had collapsed.

We immediately called for an ambulance and called his family with the help of his phone. The guest had a mild heart attack. By the time his family members were at the hospital, he was put on a ventilator. The doctor said that he was brought just in time, and any further delay would have been dangerous.

Later, we found that the guest had an altercation at home and wanted to get away from it by checking in at our hotel. Though we are just a budget hotel in Secunderabad, we felt that it was our responsibility to save a man from suffering. The family members reconciled and later thanked us profoundly for our help.

For us at Lotus Grand, it is yet another day of hospitality; whether 5-star or 2-star hotels in Hyderabad, the main principle are hospitality.

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