The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more!

Urban legends centered on hotels and hotel rooms range from hilarious to preposterous giving it a cult status of sorts. Hotel rooms have been associated with paranormal activities. The body under the bed and the vanishing room are the famous legends that give us the scares.

While the body under the bed is the story of a victim who had been clinically murdered in the room and had later been sewn into the hotel bed, the vanishing room is the story of a hotel room that vanishes along with all its hapless occupants.

Unfortunately, hotels in Hyderabad suffer from a bigger urban legend that is of apocalyptic proportions. Yes, we are talking about a great danger that can lead to the ultimate downfall of the entire humanity! We are talking about untidy hotel rooms and bug infested beds.

Luckily, there is little chance to find a body in the bed, and the chances of your hotel room vanishing is a far cry. But, there is good chance that your hotel room is untidy, stinky, and is a fertile ecosystem of various insects with an occasional lizard stalking you!

The secret for a successful 2-star hotel is not only its infrastructure, ambience, great cut price, and amenities. It is the quality of the rooms and beds that can seal the fate for most of these hotels. Some hotels that prefer external opulence and internal frugality have magnificent murals stuck on its walls, but when it comes to the rooms they provide something that can be comfortable only to an average soldier.

Many hoteliers might stoutly deny this fact, but many customers frequent a hotel not for its great architecture or its complimentary breakfast. They frequent the hotel for great service and comfortable beds. For a traveler who has come on a business to another city, the architectural marvels of the hotel are a lesser reward when compared to the quality of rest he/she gets.

What does a hotel room mean to us?

Right from the times of the jolly inn keepers, hotel rooms have been used for various purposes. It has been used for clandestine affairs, as a getaway when you have a fight with your wife, an all male booze party, and in rare cases when someone wished to leap out of the window. We really don’t advice the last thing, but what we mean to say is that hotel rooms give you more freedom than that you get at home!

You can watch the channel you want, you can eat in bed, you can just stay in your boxer shorts without anyone questioning you. However, for the average traveler, a hotel room is a comfortable place where he can get a good night’s sleep and go about his business the next day!

When it comes to the hotel bed, for many, happiness is jumping on the hotel bed! Seriously, there is not a single person who wouldn’t rejoice seeing perfectly white bed linen with soft and deep pillows. A hotel bed is something that can make or break the entire trip for a traveler. A comfortable bed is what makes the traveler truly happy and he would wish to visit the place more often.

And, if a hotel bed is infested with flora and fauna of the lesser species, it sure would be a sour experience. Who wants a National Geographic wildlife tour in his hotel bed? We surely don’t want to give such an experience to our customers.

For long, hotel beds had always been associated with bedbugs. That insane itch you get after a restless night at that shady hotel is not an experience you would want again. While checking out, you wouldn’t tip the room boy and would stare at the receptionist with disrespect.

For those in hospitality industry, such a situation is suicidal. It is paramount that a hotel takes meticulous care in order to ensure that the rooms are spick and span. Finally, budget hotels are not expected to provide royal opulence. They need to provide rooms and beds that make the customers comfortable. They need to provide excellent room service that makes the customer want to visit again!

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