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Travel for the experiences, not for the comforts!

If you can reduce the stress during travelling, would you go for it? If you can travel on the go, how easy will that be! Think about it!

If there was a suitcase always packed and ready to board, whenever we want to, I know I would be happy. Travelling light is not cheap nor does it make you lazy, in fact it is the smartest way to travel. If you think travelling light is just packing 2 set of clothes, a brush and a camera, you are wrong! It is an art – prioritizing the essentials for your journey and eliminating the add-ons, thereby reducing the stress levels by tenfold!

The type of the trip you are taking – Business or pleasure, will help you determine what to take along.  Many people either pack too much or bring the wrong things and as everyone knows problems with luggage can ruin a vacation!

Let us now look at some real time benefits of packing light

  1. Avoid long lines at Boarding: Queues at the airport check-in counters are longer than ever these days. Try to check in online at home, this way you save more time and not have to check luggage at airport. Another benefit of checking in online is that you’ll reduce your risk of being bumped from your flight.


  1. No chance of losing or damaged luggage : Who wants to spend precious time watching for your luggage to show up at baggage claim only to discover that it’s not going to show up?The benefits to you are that your luggage will be completely intact and with you when you arrive at your destination which saves you time and tremendous stress.


  1. No lugging around of luggage: Whichever way you choose to travel, at some point during the trip you will have to heft your own luggage. Baggage services will not be available everywhere and even if they are, you have to shell out money.

The whole point of budget travel is to travel more pay less! So travel light and carry your own luggage.


  1. Reduce the clutter and bulk:Bigger the case, the more the weight. So, make it easy on yourself and pack light. How many times have you packed a large suitcase full and worn every piece of clothing and every shoe? Shoes take up quite a bit of space in your luggage, so by limiting the number of shoes you bring, you’ll be able to fit your travel needs into a smaller case. Other good strategies are to use the hotel laundry services and re-wear your clothes. The benefits to you are that you’ll have less weight to carry and less clutter to deal with at your destination.


  1. Flexibility in changing flights :If you are confirmed for a flight, but when you get to the airport, you discover that there is a possibility of getting an earlier flight, if you’ve checked luggage, you can’t take advantage of the earlier flight. Also, if your connecting flight gets cancelled and you must wait in standby for other flights, you’ll be glad to have the flexibility and have your luggage with you.


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