Customer Satisfaction – The Lotus Grand Hotel Approach

In the hotel industry, customer satisfaction is the best business strategy

 After Hyderabad and Secunderabad have gained popularity for IT services, there has been a huge influx of people here. In the recent years, many new businesses and industries have come up making Hyderabad a popular destination for employment and commerce.

Hyderabad is also a tourist destination of sorts with many historical monuments here. It has been estimated that many thousands of people visit Hyderabad and Secunderabad every day. It has a unique culture and cuisine that has been attracting many. It is famous for pearls, bangles, Deccani cuisine, and crafts like the Bidri works, costumes and perfumes.

There are a lot of travelers who come to Hyderabad and Secunderabad for business and pleasure. These people are looking for many varieties of accommodation. It is for this reason that there is a boom in the hotel industry here.

Both Hyderabad and Secunderabad have famous hotels of all categories. There are hotels located near the airport, railway station, and bus stations. Hyderabad is home to some of the most lavish 5-star hotels with world class amenities and luxuries. However, there is a dearth of budget hotels.

The Indian traveler has evolved over the years. What with the growth in the income levels of the upper middle class and middle class Indians, they are looking for something better than just accommodation. This has increased the number of travelers looking for budget or 2-star hotels, but the availability of these hotels are less compared to the number of customers.

Moreover, many travelers are not aware of the distinction between budget hotels and others. They book their accommodation on travel portals without knowing the kind of bargain they are getting into.

Here are some latest updates to guidelines set up by the Ministry of Tourism for Budget Hotels.

  • The Hotels should clearly indicate all amenities and facilities properly on the website.
  • Complimentary services also need to be mentioned on the website.
  • According to the latest guideline, all hotels should provide modern post toilet hygiene materials.
  • Multipurpose sockets have to be installed. These should be capable of handling US, European, & Japanese plugs.
  • The classification status of the hotel needs to be placed outside the hotel.

It is very easy for the hotels to overlook such in depth details, but we as a 2-star hotel in Secunderabad have taken all the pains to ensure that our Indian and international customers are quite satisfied. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is the best business strategy.

Lotus Grand Hotel near Secunderabad railway station is one of the best budget hotels in Secunderabad. We have had the privilege of having guests from various countries like Germany, France, Spain, USA, and UK. All these guests were satisfied customers for a few reasons.

First is the clarity of our purpose. We are here to provide quality accommodation for both the Indian and foreign travelers. We have over 101 well appointed rooms. We have taken care to provide all modern amenities for our customers including round the clock service, 24-hour wifi, and all the facilities required for a traveler.

We provide excellent food with buffet breakfasts, and buffet lunches. Our chefs make it a point that all food items have a distinct taste that is unforgettable. We also provide business space with our conference halls. To encourage people from other places, we have even provided online booking facilities on our website.

Every customer is valuable to us and we ensure that no customer leaves with sour experiences!

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