Exploring Hyderabadi Cuisine

No love is more sincere than the love for food

There is no one in India who doesn’t know about Hyderabadi Biryani. It is a king among dishes and has a distinct taste. Those who have eaten biryani outside Hyderabad agree that there is a huge difference in taste. Many say that Hyderabadi biryani should only be eaten in Hyderabad.

Even though biryani is a popular dish of the Hyderabadi cuisine, there are many other delicacies in Deccani cuisine that a traveler to Hyderabad should explore. In fact, Hyderabad can be a popular destination for culinary tourism.

Every culture has its own flavor and its sophistication is reflected in its cuisine. Every culture has a distinct method of making food with its unique sensory aesthetics. The colorful arrangement, the enticing aroma and the soulfully delicious nature of Hyderabadi cuisine is unmatched and unparalleled.

Lotus Grand Hotel in Secunderabad welcomes you to this interesting and nourishing journey of Deccani cuisine. We are a 2-star hotel in Secunderabad that has been serving one of the best biryanis in Hyderabad. Being one of the best hotels near Secunderabad, many tourists have preferred our budget hotel for its zesty food.

Hyderabadi or Deccani cuisine has evolved over the centuries with numerous influences. The Deccani nobility used to host banquets and enthrall their guests with succulent meat dishes. Inspired by Turkish cuisine, Deccani cuisine had taken in influences from Moughalai, Telangana, Marathwada, Aurangabad, Parbhani, and Bidar.

Now, Deccani cuisine has numerous influences including the vegetarian cuisine of Udipi, cuisines of Andhra, and Rayalaseema. The major ingredients of Hyderabadi cuisine are meat, rice, spices, vegetables, fruits and others.

The technique of Dum was used for the first time by Deccani chefs. This process involves sealing the dish with dough so that the simmering ingredients absorb the spices. Also, utensils used in cooking range from copper, brass and earthen vases. It is said that the specialty of Hyderabadi cuisine is slow cooking.

Now, without much ado, let’s jump to the great dishes!

  • Biryani: There are 26 types of biryani! Traditionally, mutton biryani is prepared on special occasions. Other variants include chicken biryani, Kalyani Biryani, Hyderabad Zafrani Biryani, and Kachche- gosht ki biriyani. At Lotus Grand Hotel, we specialize in Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani, and Gongura Biryani. This dish is served with side dishes like Mirchi ka Salaan and Dahi Chutney.
  • Biryani is a wholesome and aromatic delight that has more than 15 spices. It is prepared with special basmati rice and ghee. It is nutritious, sumptuous, and is ideal for lunch and dinner.
  • Haleem: This special delicacy is made during the holy month of Ramadan. It is prepared using wheat and meat. It has a porridge-like look and has its roots in the Arab. There is another variant of Haleem called the Harees.
  • Garle: These are spicy meat balls made of Kheema (minced mutton).
  • Bagara Khana.
  • Dalcha.
  • Hyderabadi Kheema.
  • Paaya.
  • Murgi ka Khorma.
  • Chakna.
  • Pathar ka Gosht.
  • Nizami Murg handi.
  • Dopiaza.
  • Palak Ka Gosht.
  • Turai Gosht.

There are many other mouth watering delicacies that befit a royal banquet. These dishes are made by experienced chefs who take a lot of care to choose the right kind of spice in the right proportion. Though some of these dishes are spicy, most of them are quite aromatic. One would want to have more and more helpings of these dishes. It would take more than a month for a person to eat all the dishes in the menu!

After a great meal, it is time for cooling desserts. In Deccani cuisine, there are numerous desserts that can be enjoyed as complete meal! Here is a list of Desserts in Deccani cuisine.

  • Khubani-ka-Meetha.
  • Double ka Meetha.
  • Dil e firdaus.
  • Sheer Korma.
  • Badam-ki-Jhab.
  • Gaajar ka Halwa.
  • Mauz-ka-Meetha.
  • Dil e firdaus.
  • Firni.
  • Badam ki Jali.
  • Jauzi Halwa.

We from Lotus Grand Hotel invite you to taste this hot, sour and rich cuisine! For us, a meal is a ritual and a celebration. We promise you that you would be drooling for more!

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