Finding the Perfect Mini Banquet Hall in Hyderabad

When I was planning for my son’s first birthday, my whole family was quite excited. My parents, wife, friends, and colleagues had chipped in to give me a host of ideas to make this a memorable day. Well, actually all the ideas confused me. My parents wanted to conduct this event at home, while my wife was keen on booking one of the famous hotels in Hyderabad.

I had given quite a thought to this and was totally at a loss. Then, I asked my friend who was an expert in these matters. And, when I posed this question, he in turn asked me a few more questions. According to his opinion, the purpose of the function, the venue, its location, the expected number of guests, and the menu were to be thought of beforehand.

My approach to this was simple. Just be prepared for 10 more guests than you expect and the rest is all clockwork. This turned out to be a naïve approach. As we discussed this further, I realized how tough it can be to arrange a small event.

So, here are a few things my friend told me:

  •  Whether a corporate event or a family event choosing a Banquet Hall is very important, it can make or break the whole show.
  •  Obviously, the number of guests matter. The Banquet Hall shouldn’t be too small or large for the gathering.
  • The atmosphere of the Banquet Hall matters. One should choose the ambience as per the type of event.
  •  Before booking, an inspection of the Banquet Hall is a must. Check for the parking spaces also. Check the entries, exits, restrooms, and lifts.
  • Check out the type of packages they offer. Space only/space+food.
  •  Check the tables, chairs, sound systems, and other AV equipment.

Buffered with information, I was scouting for a good Banquet Hall. By the way, I came to an understanding with my wife to choose a 2-star hotel in Secunderabad as it was close to our place and was easy on my pocket. This was a major task.

My search continued for a few days, and then, I came across Lotus Grand Hotel. Though I had heard about this place, I did not get a chance to visit this place. My first visit was a pleasant surprise.

Lotus Grand Hotel was a very decent place and had good ambience. The staff was quite courteous. They were busy with some foreign guests, and asked me to wait for a while. Seeing these foreign guests, I felt that this might be a costly place and started to think twice. Before I was about to get up, a well dressed staff came forward and asked what I wanted.

In a few words, I explained him that my son’s birthday was in the offing, and I was searching for a venue. The staff member did not react to this and merely asked about the number of guests. This did not go well with me as I was expecting him to be a bit more eager.

I requested him to show the venue, and started a conversation with him on the way. During this conversation I realized that these people organize these events every day. So, that was why he was emotionless. The venue “The Pearl” looked pretty good to me and I thoroughly checked all the pointers provided by my friend. All Okay.

It was time to talk the financials and I was apprehensive. This was for no reason as the deal turned out to be a very good one. Decoration of the hall, food as per the menu I selected, music, and other arrangements were included in the package. We only had to walk in and have a gala time.

This suited me as I was not really a great organizer. The party went very well and there were no complaints, especially from my wife. Beautiful! We were quite happy with the event and I posted the photos on Facebook!





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