Life of a Receptionist in a 2-star Hotel in Hyderabad

Life of a Hotel Receptionist

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!

If you had ever been on the other side of the counter, you would understand the importance of a warm greeting and a smile. Though this smile is not reciprocated often, remaining positive and retaining the composure is sure a tough task.

Yes, I am talking about the job of a hotel receptionist and how we ensure that our customers are well taken care of. As soon as you enter the hotel, the first person you interact with in a hotel is its receptionist. At that moment, the receptionist represents the hotel and anything the receptionist says is associated with the hotel!

When a customer enters the hotel, the beaming smile of a receptionist is something that tells them that they are welcome there and can expect good service there. Lotus Grand Hotel is a 2-star budget hotel in Secunderabad, but we ensure that our hospitality is at par with the best hotels in Hyderabad.

Generally, hotel receptionists are supposed to be pillars of patience and there’s an eternal smile stuck on their face no matter how angry the customer is. This is false. They are quite human and are prone to be swayed by emotions and mood swings. It is their perseverance that keeps them patient and empathetic towards customers’ grievances.

You might say that it is our job and that’s why we are paid for. Let me tell you more. A hotel receptionist generally undergoes rigorous training to take care of each and every customer. Training includes managing guest check-ins, reservations, telephone enquiries, courtesy calls to guests and even arranging maintenance repairs.

At this point you may ask me why in the world I am talking about my training. I am coming to that. At Lotus Grand the training for receptionists is solely focused on customer satisfaction. We are here to take care of you and make your stay comfortable.

So, our arsenal consists of patience, perseverance, an eternal positivity, and a willingness to serve. A typical day behind the counter is nothing short of an adventure flick. Our pressure cookers never blow the whistle, they only present a smile.

One day as a receptionist:

That morning as soon as I got behind the counter, the day started with a complaint. One international guest was trying to convince me that he had already booked a room, but I couldn’t find it in the system. Unfortunately, there were no vacant rooms and he only preferred a suite room.

I politely asked him to be seated before I arrange something and ordered the boy to give him a steaming cup of coffee. After frantically searching for availability I found out that there would a check out within an hour. All I had to do was buy an hour’s time to avert calamity.

As one of the best budget hotels in Secunderabad, we hate losing international guests. So, I personally called the present occupant. To my fortune he was waiting for the billing. I ordered the maintenance staff to clean the room spick and span and I rushed with the billing. Danger averted. The score, myself- 1, danger – 0.

As the day resumed, there was a phase of sedateness. Suddenly, a huge family from Gujarat landed. People of all sizes and ages are present. They had already booked rooms, but they wanted some changes do be done. This was colossal as such a change would result in a chaos considering other bookings.

I worked my way through the bookings and managed the situation. I could accommodate some of their requests and convince that the rest was not possible. Score: myself – 2. Danger – 0. Great day till now!

And then hell broke loose! One occupant complained that his air conditioner was not working, and the ac mechanic was not available. I had to source out a mechanic from outside and get it fixed, but that took four hours and the customer was unhappy. I gave him some credits and could manage the situation. The new score. Myself – 2. Danger –  1.

Well, that’s how a typical day as a hotel receptionist is! As a 2-star hotel in Secunderabad, Lotus Grand has provided me a great experience dealing with a lot of guests from India and abroad. I have learned the fine art of hospitality in difficult conditions.

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