New Age Housekeeping in 2-star Hotels in Hyderabad.

New Age Housekeeping in 2-star Hotels in Hyderabad.

Research from Europe indicates that hotel guests are finicky about cleanliness and hygiene and 70% of them have selected a hotel based on just these two considerations.

Housekeeping for the hotelier was always an uphill struggle and a losing battle. Keeping guest rooms and public areas dust and clutter free was seemingly unattainable until now. Further to rub salt into the wounds, the hospitality industry is in the throes of labor and skill shortage.

However, innovation in housekeeping hardware and software in the last decade or so has made life for the housekeeping department easy. It is enabling them to effectively and efficiently perform their responsibilities. Since the advent of the internet has turned the big world into a small village, any innovation introduced anywhere is swiftly adopted.

And the rethinking of design of hotels in simple, elegant, compact and eco-friendly form ushered in maximum practicality in their day to day maintenance. There is now less furniture than before and maximum utility of space.

Bed making is simplified by using duvets in place of bed covers and concrete, wood; limestone and sandstone are replaced by glass, stainless steel and manmade flooring. Hence subtly keeping the hotel spick and span has now come of age.

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This technology transition has replaced a lot of starkly visible, eye sore, noisy manual stuff with silent unobtrusive gadgets. The Hard broom is replaced by the manual sweeping machine and the wet mop by the wet vacuum cleaner. The cobweb clearing brush is replaced by the backpack vacuum cleaner and the carpet brush by the dry vacuum cleaner; the gondola to clean glass, the wireless vacuum cleaners to clean busy areas in the hotel without disturbing or tripping the guests.

Manual laundry sorting and linen inventory were thorns in the side of the housekeeping departments. Again, the introduction of ‘Radio Frequency Identification’ reader gives accurate wash counts reducing loss and theft and tracks linen movement.

Hotels are now using tab-based in-room solutions, ‘Triton’ to replace maintenance slips, mini screen displays to replace door bells, thus saving time and energy.

Apps that facilitate group communication are the most impacting of all technological trends along with the apps assisting in real time control and monitoring. The floor supervisors can change the room status or locate the floor attendants without going through the housekeeping desk. And guest grievances are now resolved faster through text messaging than through a staff stationed desk.

The timely adoption of technology coupled with functional design of the guest rooms and the public areas in hotels, has reduced the work load on the housekeeping department. It powered them to be more efficient and organized to fulfill their monotonous and tedious responsibilities and live up or even exceed the expectations of their patrons.

Keeping in line with the latest trends, Lotus Grand offers the best housekeeping along with other services. As a 2-star hotel in Secunderabad, we are upgrading in terms of both technology and better manpower. We train our personnel to provide the best housekeeping and leave no stone unturned to keep the customer satisfied.




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